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New Website

We've had a bit of a website refresh so do let us know what you think.  If you're looking for something and you can't find it then please do [...]

WordPress Hosting

We get a lot of pre sales enquiries for our hosting plans asking if they work with WordPress. All of our hosting plans are optimised for WordPress and one of [...]

SEO Cornwall

We get a lot of incoming links to our website with the search term "SEO Cornwall" Many of these search enquiries go on to fill out enquiry forms with us and [...]

Support Ticket Bug

An upgrade to our support ticket software has introduced a bug this evening which may mean support tickets are issued relating to past emails. Please disregard these emails and accept [...]

Great video on SEO

We found a great video explaining SEO in laypersons terms. We'll put it on our website on it's own page later this week but for now here's the video so [...]

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