SEO Cornwall

We get a lot of incoming links to our website with the search term “SEO Cornwall” Many of these search enquiries go on to fill out enquiry forms with us and we see very often that people with very local business are asking us to help them with wide ranging search terms.

Take SEO Cornwall as an example.  For a company like us that deals with customers from a wide geographical area then SEO Cornwall is a perfectly acceptable search term to target but for many of these businesses it is not really appropriate.

More than one enquiry has come from businesses such as hairdressers and a small village post office/convenience shop for example.  How many people would drive a 100 miles to post a letter or get a trim?  How likely are you to get business over such a large area?

Focussing your keywords is an important consideration and focusing your geographic area is one of the most important factors you should be considering.  If your business serves local customers then there is no point in pushing your search terms outside the area and putting your business in front of people who will never need it.

So think carefully, is SEO Cornwall too large an area to target?………